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Project Management

Managing water infrastructure in today's complex regulatory and business environment is a challenge.  Experience is essential in understanding the scope and magnatude of this challenge and developing successful strategies for managing and improving aging facilities. Each project is different, so a broad range of expertise and experience is needed.


CAI's brings a unique blend of  project management skills, technical expertise and project experience to our clients.  Mr. Christensen has over 40 years of project management, engineering and construction of major water resources projects in North America.

We assist our clients to develop the best multidisciplinary project team to accomplish their goals.  We draw from a large network of industry experts and consulting firms, many of whom have teamed on previous successful projects.

As they say..........  "Project experience is something you have - right after you just needed it."

Dam Safety

As our nation’s dams age, owners face the challenges of extending the service lives of these valuable assets for future generations.  This ongoing process involves keeping up with changes in dam safety regulations and technology while at the same time controlling operations and maintenance costs.   


CAI provides clients with up-to-date dam safety compliance know-how gained on engineering design and dam safety monitoring of many large and small concrete and earthfill dams in the United States and overseas.


Through our extensive project experience, network of industry experts and ongoing professional relationships with dam safety regulatory personnel we help our clients to keep abreast of dam safety issues.  This helps them to avoid unforeseen operating constraints, compliance issues or facility modification expenses.

Dam safety is a dynamic regulatory environment.  After a serious incident ( eg. Oroville Dam or Taum Salk) owners can expect changes to the dam safety process designed to improve public safety.

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Hydroelectric Power

Public interest in sustainable energy has stimulated development of new hydropower projects and upgrading of existing facilities  at  the nation's water infrastructure.  Many dam and pipeline owners are also interested in additional revenue to be gained from hydropower development to offset ongoing facility operation and maintenance costs.  Renewable energy tariffs and financial incentives have stimulated a rebirth of  small hydropower technology.


Successful hydropower  developers use innovative and cost-effective approaches to project selection, permitting, design, equipment selection and implementation to control the many risks that they face in todays regulatory and business environment.


CAI helps owners to rapidly assess the hydropower potential of their existing facilities or greenfield sites.  We use our practical experience, analytical tools, and cost database developed on previous projects to efficiently evaluate the potential at your facilities while minimizing your up-front cost risk. We also explore ways to upgrade your existing hydropower facilities to increase your revenue.

We support licensing and relicensing of hydropower facilities by carrying out engineering, dam safety, operations, economics and construction planning work needed for the regulatory process.

Careful project selection, value-driven design and creative problem solving are keys to success.

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